Inner Goddess Temple Membership


Receive Divine Energy Healing & Soul Wisdom monthly!

The Awaken your Inner Goddess Temple is a sacred online healing space where you will receive:

  • Powerful Lightbody Energy Healings
  • Shamanic Soul Readings
  • Energetic Feedback
  • Live Soul Q&A Support
  • Access to an exclusive Members Only Portal
  • Access to a Soul & Lightworker Community

This high vibrational healing space has been created to provide you with monthly Soul energetic healing, wisdom teachings and support so that you accelerate your Soul’s manifestation journey and to awaken your Inner Goddess!

What does it mean to awaken your Inner Goddess?

You are an empowered co-creator and manifestor of your reality

 You are healing your emotional self and awakening your heart

 You are manifesting more love, healing, awakening, happiness and abundance within your life

 You are harmonising your personal relationships

 You are awakening your Soul’s gifts and talents

 You are tapping into your intuition, inner knowing and higher guidance

 You are awakening your heart and 3rd eye

 You have greater clarity, insight and vision of your Soul’s path

 You are healing energetic leakage and drainage

 You are mastering your energy to come into a full state of inner balance and power

 You are manifesting abundance in Divine ways

 You are embodying more Divine Light into your body and consciousness and creating a state of enlightenment within yourself

 You are awakening your Soul’s Purpose & Destiny

Every month you will receive:

Shamanic Soul Readings*


You will given Divine guidance and support for your month ahead.   


Powerful Lightbody Energy Healings*

You will receive energy healing supporting you to become energetically aligned and balanced and to clear fears, blocks and limitations,. You will come into a deeper state of alignment to your Soul, so that you can birth more love, harmony, abundance, wisdom, manifestation, truth, harmony and empowerment in your life.


Energetic Feedback* on what was healed for you

You will be provided with guidance, wisdom and energy healing feedback moving forward so that you can raise your vibration and accelerate your Inner Goddess journey.

Live Soul Q&A support

You will have your questions answered in a Live Q&A and receive support for wherever your at on your Soul’s journey

Access to an exclusive Members only portal

In your members only portal you will have access to all replays and additional Inner Goddess content such as Channellings, Meditations, Workshops and more to Divinely support your Soul’s journey!

Access to a Facebook community of like minded Soul’s and Lightworkers

You will be connected to a Soul group community of high vibe like minded beings like yourself!

*Monthly Shamanic Soul Readings, Lightbody Energy Healings and Energetic Feedback is all provided on a group basis.

The benefits of receiving Powerful Lightbody Energy Healing on a monthly basis…

  • Receiving monthly Lightbody Energy Healings creates PROFOUND RESULTS as it connects you to Source Energy and supports you to receive Divine Light into your body and consciousness so that you can awaken, enlighten and ascend with ease and grace.
  • Each time you receive a healing it strengthens the electromagnetic field around your body supporting energy protection, shielding, manifestation and empowerment.
  • The healing work powerfully balances and aligns your energetic field, heals energetic leakage, unblocks your chakras and supports you to become resourced, revitalised and whole.
  • And it supports you to align to your Heart, Soul and Higher Self so that you can activate your higher consciousness, awaken your Intuition and Inner Knowing and become a powerful co-creator within your reality!

Joining this high vibrational Soul healing Temple will support you to:

  • Heal and balance your emotions
  • Balance Physical, Emotional & Mental Symptoms
  • Heal Energetic Sensitivities
  • Heal Energy Leakage and Karmic Relationships
  • Clear & Cleanse your Chakra’s, Aura and Energy Field
  • Create Energy Protection & Shielding
  • Release Blocks, Fears & Limitations
  • Open your Heart & 3rd Eye
  • Embrace your Inner Power and Light
  • Attract Heart-Based Relationships
  • Rebirth the Divine Feminine within you
  • Manifest Joy, Abundance & Fulfillment
  • Activate your Soul’s Unique Path and Purpose
  • Awaken your Soul’s Destiny
  • Anchor your Lightbody & Ascension process

The Inner Goddess Temple is about coming together as a Soul group…

So that you can create rapid shifts of consciousness and EMBODY the light.

When you come together as a Soul group to heal, awaken and empower your Soul’s journey, there is a magic that happens, an incredible shift of consciousness when you can come into oneness and connect to the Divine together.

Joining the Temple is perfect for you if…

You are a Spiritual Soul, Empath, Sensitive Being, Lightworker (or all of the above)

 You are feeling stuck or lacking in progress and would like to create positive shifts in your reality

 You want to awaken your Soul’s purpose and Destiny

 You want to create more harmony, abundance, fulfillment and manifestation in your life

 You want to empower yourself, and start being a Master Manifestor and co-creator of your reality

 You would like a regular boost of energy to accelerate your Soul’s manifestation path – so that you can see results NOW!

Melissa Habibi - Soul Healer, Spiritual & Life Coach (Child of Gaia)

Work with me to heal and accelerate your Soul’s journey to the next level

Hi I’m Melissa, Soul Healer, Spiritual and Life Coach and i’m here to support you to awaken your Soul’s purpose and embrace and manifest your most Divine & abundant self in this world.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for over 10 years now and after training in many healing modalities and working with clients from all over the globe i have created my signature Soul Formula process and 1-1 Soul Programmes to support you to BLAST through your fears, blocks and limitations and ACCELERATE your Soul’s journey so that you can MANIFEST your Destiny and live a successful Soul-fulfilled life with freedom, joy, wisdom and Divine light.

I work in complete harmony to your unique Soul’s journey and give you whatever your Soul needs in the moment to create rapid results in awakening and manifesting your Soul’s Divine Destiny.

Ready to join the Sacred Temple and create rapid healing, awakening and transformation in your life?

I will be offering a FREE ONE MONTH TRIAL for all new members (no obligation) come and experience the Temple for yourself for FREE! 

(You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join, and that’s it!)

Temple Membership

If after your FREE MONTH trial you decide you would like to continue being a part of the Temple, you can sign up to continue receiving your monthly energetic Soul support!