Ready to powerfully heal your Soul, activate your Divine Purpose and embrace your Sacred Feminine Power?

The Magdalene Rose 1-1 Soul Healing & Mastery Programme is a deeply transformational programme that will support you to:

RAPIDLY raise your Soul vibration and awaken your Divine Purpose
so that you can powerfully live, breathe and manifest your Soul Destiny

HEAL and RELEASE deep Soul blocks, fears and limitations
so that you can make a SHIFT and create your blissful Soul-aligned life

ACCELERATE onto the path of Spiritual Mastery & Feminine Christ Embodiment
so that you can powerfully awaken your Soul gifts, activate your Soul’s Divine Blueprint for Deep Healing, Inner Freedom and Soul awakening

AWAKEN and EMBRACE your Soul’s unique Essence & Vibration 
so that you can powerfully shine your light and become an empowered Sacred Priestess & Lightworker in this world

ACTIVATE your Sacred Feminine Power and Priestess Sovereignty
become initiated as a Priestess and begin and master your journey of Soul Healing, Sacred Sexuality & Embodiment of your Sacred Feminine Power

You will be initiated onto the Sacred Priestess Path to reclaim your Feminine power and awaken your Inner Goddess

You will receive Powerful Soul Healing, Sacred Feminine Embodiments & Cosmic Activations to unblock your Soul, heal & balance all planes of your body and consciousness and awaken your Divine Essence, Purpose & Destiny.

This programme is for you if:

You are a Spiritual Soul, Healer, Priestess or Lightworker
and ready to step into the next level of your purpose and empowerment

You are feeling energetically blocked
physically emotionally, mentally, spiritually

You are feeling stuck in a life or job that is not aligned to your Soul mission
and would like a breakthrough in manifesting your Soul-fulfilled life

You are feeling stuck, stagnate or confused in a Romantic Relationship
that does not fulfill your soul

You are ready to manifest a Sacred Spiritual Relationship 
and co-create your high vibrational reality

You are experiencing Sexual & Feminine blocks
and would like to heal your Sacred Womb and restore your Feminine power

You want to uncover your true Soul Essence & Purpose
and understand the deeper purpose of why you are here and how you are meant to serve

You want to powerfully manifest your Spiritual Gifts & Divine Purpose
and anchor your True Purpose into the world and do what you LOVE each and everyday!

You want to awaken and deepen your Priestess Power
so that you can step into the path of reclaiming your Spiritual Power and create a life filled with Abundance, Bliss & co-creation of your Destiny.

I am here to support you to manifest the life of your dreams!

I am here to support you to manifest the life of your dreams!

Hi! I’m Melissa, Soul Healer, Magdalene Priestess & Spiritual Purpose Coach and I’m here to support you to awaken your Soul’s purpose and embrace and manifest your most Divine & abundant self in this world.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for almost 15 years now and I get it! I GET where you are at on your Soul’s journey and I KNOW what is required for you to RAPIDLY get where you need to be! 

I am here to support you to be in COMPLETE alignment to your Soul Self…. 

And to break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from manifesting your joyful, abundant, and harmonious purpose RIGHT NOW!

This is why I created the Magdalene Rose Soul Healing & Mastery Programme…

So that you can:

△ Receive POWERFUL and TRANSFORMATIONAL Soul healing support
that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE and create the harmonious life you have always dreamed of!

△ EMBRACE your Sacred Feminine power
so that you can attract a Divine Sacred Relationship and Manifest your Purpose.

△ BIRTH your Divine Soul essence
so that you can re-awaken your ancient Spiritual Lineage and birth your Divine Christ self into this world.

△ ACCELERATE your Spiritual Mastery & Divine Purpose
so that you can embody more LIGHT, step into your power and create the life your were BORN to live.

This is where the magic happens…

In this programme you will receive:

1. 7th Dimensional Soul Healing & Cosmic Soul Activations

1-1 Powerful Lightbody Energy Healing
Crystal Gridding Activations
Cosmic Grids & Frequencies
△ Merkabah, Lightbody and Priestess transmissions

2. Magdalene Priestess Initiations & Sacred Feminine Embodiment

Womb Awakening & Sacral Chakra Clearing
Past Life Healing & Activation
Yoni Healing & Empowerment
△ Sexual Healing, Awakening & Balancing

3. Soul Essence & Spiritual Purpose Readings

Soul Essence Readings
Clarity of your Spiritual Lineage
Soul Purpose Guidance
△ Activation of your Divine Soul’s Blueprint (record of all your lifetimes on earth & other planes)

Programme Schedule:

✓ 60 Minute Intention Setting Session
to set powerful intentions and manifestations scheduled at the start of the programme

✓ 90 minute 1-1 Soul Healing & Sacred Soul Embodiment Sessions
every fortnight throughout the entire programme

✓ Sacred Soul Embodiment Online Course
includes videos, workbooks & meditations to boost your transformational journey

✓ Unlimited Email Support & Homework activities
in between the 1-1 sessions to keep you aligned and supported at all times

✓ Divine Energetic support as you will be held within a Sacred Temple of Light for the full 3-6 months 
you will be held within a high vibrational container for the full 3-6 months in support of creating rapid change and transformation within your life and consciousness.

✓ 60 minute Completion Session
scheduled at end of the programme.

Everything you will be supported with:

✓ Past Life Regression & Healing 
✓ Inner Child Healing
✓ Relationship Healing
✓ Family & Genetic Line Healing
✓ Attracting a Sacred Relationship
✓ Lightbody & Merkabah Activation
✓ Womb Healing & Awakening
✓ Yoni & Sacred Sexual Healing
✓ Releasing blocks to Abundance & Manifestation
✓ Healing disempowerment & Karmic Cords
✓ Resolving Energy Leakage & Karmic Relationships

✓ Sacred Feminine Embodiment
✓ Unblocking the Sacral Feminine Centre
✓ Restoring your Womb/Feminine Power
✓ Awakening your unique Soul Essence & Purpose
✓ Awakening & Manifesting your Spiritual Gifts
✓ Deep emotional Healing & Balancing
✓ Connect to the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Realms & your Spiritual Guides
✓ Manifesting Joy, Abundance & Fulfillment
✓ Cleansing your Chakra’s, Aura & Energy Field
✓ Rebirth the Divine Feminine within you

Each 1-1 Session within the programme is custom and unique to what you need so that you can make the most effective shift in support of your Soul's journey!

Receiving deep 1-1 Soul Healing support is vital for an awakened life!

Receiving Soul Healing & Sacred Embodiment work is vital for your:
Spiritual Enlightenment
Manifestation & Abundance
Spiritual Growth & Healing
Emotional Balance
Health & Wellbeing Peace
Harmony & Forgiveness
Living in Heart Based Consciousness
Living your Soul Purpose & Destiny  
Creating your High Vibrational Reality

Uncover your unique Soul Essence and Purpose

During the programme you will guided to uncover the DEEPER Soul aspects of yourself so that you can awaken your unique vibration, anchor in your true Spiritual Lineage and manifest your goals, dreams, desires and unique purpose!

Here are just some of the pathways that can be activated for your unique Soul purpose:

△ Empowerment Coach
△ Soul Healer
△ Magdalene Priestess
△ Isis Priestess
△ Lemurian Sound Healer
△ Atlantean Healer
△ Angelic Healer
△ Self-Love Coach
△ Soul Manifestation Coach
△ Crystal Healer
△ Crystal Activator
△ Spiritual Healer / Counsellor
△ Energy Transmission Channeller
△ Intuitive Healer / Energy Healer

△ Feminine Leadership
△ Women’s Empowerment Coach
△ Feminine Circle Faciliator
△ Starseed Channeller
△ Psychic Healer
△ Psychic Channeller
△ Soul Purpose Coach
△ Abundance Goddess
△ Elemental Healer
△ Faerie Queen
△ Earth Mother
△ Womb Healer & Awakener
△ Energy Meditation Facilitator
△ Intuitive Oracle Reader

1-1 Programme Testimonials

1-1 Programme Testimonials

In this transformational 1-1 programme you will:

Create a Soul-fulfilled Life 
Get aligned to your Soul’s true calling, heal your deepest Inner Blocks and Manifest your dream Soul-aligned life & purpose.

Heal your deepest Soul Blocks 
Deeply heal your Inner Child, Past Lives, Trauma’s & Fears, Ancestral Karma and Genetic Weaknesses so that you can accelerate your Spiritual Purpose and create WILD Emotional Freedom and Manifestation in your life. 

Awaken and Activate your Soul’s UNIQUE Essence
Receive deep Soul Activation healing to uncover your deeper Soul aspects and Spiritual Lineage so that you channel your most powerful & Divine self into your life and Spiritual purpose.

Refine your Soul’s Destiny, Vibration & Impact
Become fully aligned to the Universe, empower your role as a Lightworker and utilise your gifts to create powerful impact in the world

Awaken and advance your Spiritual Gifts 
You will be supported to rapidly heal and unblock your Soul and uncover your greater Spiritual purpose and Destiny

Step into your DIVINE POWER
heal disempowerment, power plays, energetic cords and more so that you can fully own your Divine Feminine power and radiate your Divine Essence out into the world!

Ready to accelerate your Spiritual Mastery and deep healing & Divine manifestation in your life?

This is a changing 1-1 Soul Healing & Mastery programme that supports the activation of your SOUL’S PURPOSE, SACRED FEMININITY and the manifestation of your SOUL GIFTS and Soul-fulfilled life.

If you are ready and COMMITTED to creating deep change, positive shifts & miracles in your life then come & connect with me now..

Programme Investment:

(3 Months – Soul Activation) 3 x monthly payments of £550 / $697

Or pay in full and save £50 / $60

(6 Months – Soul Mastership) 6 x monthly payments of £550 / $697

Or pay in full and save £100 / $120

Request a complimentary Soul Discovery Call so we can connect and explore if this programme is the right fit for you.
(no obligation)