Manifest your Divine Purpose as a Healer Course

Manifest your Divine Purpose as a Healer Mini Course

Get aligned to your Soul mission and manifest your Spiritual Purpose as a Healer

Ready to start the journey of sharing your Healing Gifts with the world but your not sure where to begin or how to get started?

Manifesting your purpose as a Healer can feel overwhelmingconfusing and fearful.

There are so many thoughts and concerns that can be holding you back such as:

→ Is it worth me pursuing this?

→ I am not ready or good enough yet

→ It is safe for me to put myself put there?

→ I will never be able to earn money from this.

→ I fear people will judge me or I will be humiliated

During this 3 part training you will be supported by Melissa Habibi, Soul Healer and Spiritual Purpose coach, who has over 10 years of experience of creating and developing a Healing & Spiritual business.

You will be supported to OVERCOME your fears and doubts of becoming a Healer and Manifesting your Spiritual business so that you can BREAK THROUGH any stuckness and stagnation and start creating rapid progress in manifesting your Healing Gifts, Spiritual Offerings and Soul-aligned Business!

In this training you will be supported to:

→ Refine your Soul’s Destiny, Vibration & Impact 
and become fully aligned to the Universe, empower your role as a Healer and utilise your gifts to create powerful impact in the world

→ Step into your DIVINE POWER 
and manifest your Divine Essence and Spiritual gifts into physical form

→ Manifest your Spiritual Business 
and get started with simple tools, systems and mindset for offering your healing/coaching services

Everything you will learn:

✓ Overcome fear of failure
and manifest your purpose as a Healer

 Maintain a positive mindset through the ups and downs
of manifesting your Spiritual gifts

✓ Overcome fear and anxiety around expressing your gifts,
being seen by the public and putting yourself ‘out there’ in the world.

✓ Heal through the common triggers that come up for any Healer
who is trying to manifest and establish their healing gifts

✓ Get aligned with your Unique Energy, Brand and Soul Essence

✓ Embrace your unique energy and vibration
and radiate that into your branding & Spiritual offerings

✓ Market yourself with confidence
so that you can attract Soulmate clients

✓ Market yourself as a Healer
offline and online and the differences

✓ The fundamental tools for a Spiritual business
and how that differs to other businesses

✓ Simple and Practical tools to get started
with setting up your Spiritual business

Course Curriculum:

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Awaken your Spiritual Power + Manifest your Spiritual Gifts

Become an empowered Lightworker and start manifesting your gifts! Learn how to master your Spiritual journey to create more empowerment and manifestation in your life, includes Spiritual gifts training.

Price £27 / $33

Manifest your Divine Purpose as a Healer

Get aligned to your Soul mission and manifest your Spiritual Purpose as a Healer. Learn how to overcome the challenges of becoming a Healer and manifesting your Spiritual Business.

Price £27 / $33

Market your Spiritual Business

Get started with setting up your Spiritual business Offline + Online. Learn the systems + tools for promoting & marketing your Spiritual business offline + online. Includes Social Media Training for Instagram & Facebook.

Price £197 / $244

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