Market your Spiritual Business | Offline, Facebook & Instagram

Market your Spiritual Business, offline, facebook and instagram marketing Course

Get started with setting up your Spiritual business Offline + Online

This course is for Spiritual Souls, Healers & Lightworkers who are ready to promote their Spiritual / healing offerings out into the world.

Ready to start the journey of promoting your Spiritual and healing services?

Marketing yourself as a Spiritual Soul, Lightworker or Healer can feel overwhelming, confusing and fearful!

There are so many thoughts and concerns that can be holding you back such as:

→ I don’t know how to get started with setting up my Spiritual business (offline and online)

→ Social media is overwhelming!

→ How do I put myself out there?

→ How do I show up on Social media + what  do I post+ how often do I need to post?

→ How do I build an online following and convert them into clients?

During this course you will be supported by Melissa Habibi, Soul Healer and Spiritual Purpose coach, who has over 10 years of experience of creating and developing a Healing & Spiritual business.

In this course you will provided with instructional videos on the Tools, Systems and Strategies that you need to put into place to promote your Offerings/Spiritual business out there into the physical world!

Yes…in this day and age it is a REQUIREMENT to be tech savvy and set yourself up online for maximum reach, growth and expansion of your Spiritual business!

In this Course you will be supported to:

Get started with the Fundamental Marketing Tools for setting up your Spiritual business including:

△ Offline Marketing Methods – Website + Online Directories

△ Online Marketing Methods (Instagram + Facebook)

So that people can find your wonderful energy, offerings and services! 

Everything you will learn:

✓ How to market your Spiritual Business Offline & Online

Get started with setting up your Spiritual business Offline

✓ How to set yourself up on Online Directories
+ How to find the best ones

✓ Get started with setting up your Spiritual business Offline

✓ How to Create a Beautiful Website in minutes!

✓ How to Structure your Website for optimum results

✓ Introduction to Canva for Design
(to create social media posts, flyers and business cards)

✓ Instagram Intensive Training
on how to create a high vibe account on Instagram

✓ How to create Social media posts and how often to post

✓ How to market yourself on Instagram
(includes monthly calendars)

How to set up your Facebook Business Page for optimum results

How to set up your Facebook Group

How to manage and grow your Facebook group

How to Structure and Host Live Videos

This course is set out simple and step by step so that you can ERADICATE overwhelm and bring in confidence, clarity and action to marketing your offerings!

Course Curriculum:

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£97 / $133

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Market your Spiritual Business

Get started with setting up your Spiritual business Offline + Online. Learn the systems + tools for promoting & marketing your Spiritual business offline + online. Includes Social Media Training for Instagram & Facebook.

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