Mini Courses

Empower your journey with high vibrational wisdom to accelerate your Spiritual awakening!

Mini Courses

Note: Access to all Mini Courses is included within the Priestesses of the Light Membership

The 3 Key Steps to Activate your Soul's Purpose

Get unstuck and start living your purpose - In this training you will learn 3 powerful key steps, tools and wisdom to begin awakening to your Soul's purpose now!

Awaken your Spiritual Power + Manifest your Spiritual Gifts

Become an empowered Lightworker and start manifesting your gifts! Learn how to master your Spiritual journey to create more empowerment and manifestation in your life.

Manifest your Divine Purpose as a Healer

Get aligned to your Soul mission and manifest your Spiritual Purpose as a Healer. Learn how to overcome the challenges of becoming a Healer and manifesting your Spiritual Business.

Learn Sacred Knowledge, Spiritual Skills + Goddess Rituals

Mini Courses for the Spiritual Goddess

Aromatherapy Blending with

Learn how to create Aromatherapy Oil Blends & Sprays and infuse them with Crystal Vibrations - In this course you will learn the tips, tricks and formula's of how to create oil and spray blends and infuse them with Crystal vibrations.

Create Powerful Crystal Grids for High Vibrations

Learn how to create simple and powerful Crystal Grids to raise the vibration of your life, home & space - In this course you will learn will how to create simple and powerful crystal grids to create Divine healing & manifestation in your life.

Spiritual Protection & Energy Cleansing Rituals

Raise your vibration and create Spiritual protection & empowerment in your life - In this course you will learn how to create INSTANT Spiritual and energy protection in your life by shifting your mindset and raising your vibration.

Womb Awakening & Sacral Chakra Healing with Crystals

Deepen the connection to your Womb, Soul and Emotional self - In this training you will be guided through simple and powerful practices supporting you to connect with your Womb & Divine Feminine essence.

Other Courses

Market your Spiritual Business

Get started with setting up your Spiritual business Offline + Online. Learn the systems + tools for marketing your Spiritual business offline + online. Includes Social Media Training.

Sacred Audio + Meditation

Awaken your Inner Moon Goddess Meditation Album

Awaken your Divine Feminine Soul - A selection of guided meditations and audio to awaken your Divine Soul essence and align you to the Universe.