Are you ready to…

➡️ Remove the struggle, stuckness and stagnation from your life?
➡️ Release anxiety and fear and become a confident and powerful PRIESTESS OF THE LIGHT?
➡️ Find your True path and manifest a reality that is in complete alignment to your Soul?
➡️ Clear away uncertainty and bring more Freedom, Abundance and Manifestation in your life?
➡️ Feel confident in expressing your Soul’s gifts and listening to your Higher Guidance?
➡️ Feel lighter, clearer, empowered and READY to take on the world?

If your saying YES YES YES! then you have come to the right place!

Child of Gaia - Melissa Habibi - Soul Healer & Spiritual Business Coach

Priestesses of the Light™ is a High Vibrational Online Temple Membership for Spiritual Women who are ready to powerfully heal their Soul, awaken their Spiritual Gifts and activate their Divine Feminine Power.

Within the membership you will receive:

Soul Guidance
Powerful Meditations
Soul Activations
Priestess Initiations
Priestess Trainings
Powerful Energy Healing
Channelled Teachings

In support of you becoming your most empowered Priestess self!

What does it mean to become a Priestess?

As you enter into our Priestess Temple you are initiated to become a Priestess of the Light

When you become a Priestess of the Light
 you step onto your highest Soul’s path and you are supported to:

△ Raise your Vibration & Live in Higher Consciousness
Receive high Vibrational Energy Healing, Meditations & Soul Activations so that you can release all fears, blocks and limitations and embody the light.

△ Powerfully Heal and Awaken all aspects of yourself
You are supported to heal and release old patterning, negativity, emotions and energetic cords so that you can feel LIGHT & FREE and live your most abundant life.

Create Divine Love, Harmony & Heart Based Relationships in your life
Receive regular support to heal your Soul & Divine Feminine self so that you can attract your Soul Mate, Twin Flame and call in harmonious relationships into your life.

△ Discover your Inner Soul depths, Gifts and Past Lives 

Awaken and activate your deep Soul aspects and become aware of your true Soul’s Identity!

△ Awaken your Psyche, Intuition & Inner Knowing

Awaken your Divine Feminine powers and Inner Mystic gifts through learning and practising Sacred rituals.

△ Align to the powers and mysteries of the Universe
Become an Empowered Priestess and live in complete alignment to the abundant flows of the Universe. 

△ Become a powerful Healer, Mystic, Lightworker, Feminine Leader
You have a Spiritual Purpose to fulfill, its time to realise your highest potential and learn how to express your true Divine Essence.

△ Awaken your Spiritual Gifts and Purpose
Learn to recognise your Spiritual gifts and awaken them into purpose & manifestation.

△ Connect to Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms
Strengthen your connection to the Higher Realms of Light and become aligned to the Masters of the Universe.

△ Embrace your True Divine Self and become a Leader of the Light.
Learn how to step into your Divine Power, be confident and powerfully express your essence, purpose and creativity.

Joining the Priestesses of Light is perfect for you if…

You are a Spiritual Soul 
Healer, Sensitive Soul, Lightworker, Empath (or all of the above). 

You are ready to ACCELERATE your Soul’s healing journey
And learn powerful healing tools, wisdom and teachings to awaken your Spiritual Destiny and live in alignment to the Universe.

You want more FREEDOM and MANIFESTATION in your life
You are ready to clear through your emotions, blocks, fears and limitations so that you can create more harmony, manifestation, abundance and success in your life.  

→ You ready to become DIVINELY EMPOWERED

And awaken your Divine Feminine Gifts so that you can live life with faith, trust, abundance, manifestation, flow and surrender. 

→ You would like a regular boost of Powerful Soul Energy Healing

To accelerate your Soul’s manifestation path – so that you can see positive results in your life starting now!

Every Month inside the Temple you will receive:

Become a Priestesses of the Light™ Member and receive 10% off all 1-1 Soul Healing Sessions

Ready to become an EMPOWERED Priestess?

The healing benefits of joining the Priestesses of the Light…

→ Heal and balance your emotions

→ Balance Physical, Emotional & Mental Symptoms

→ Heal Energetic Sensitivities

→ Heal Energy Leakage and Karmic Relationships

→ Cleanse your Chakra’s, Aura and Energy Field

→ Create Energy Protection & Shielding

→ Release Blocks, Fears & Limitations

→ Open your Heart & 3rd Eye

→ Embrace your Inner Power and Light

→ Attract Heart-Based Relationships

→ Rebirth the Divine Feminine within you

→ Manifest Joy, Abundance & Fulfillment

→ Activate your Soul’s Unique Path and Purpose

→ Anchor your Lightbody & Ascension process

Watch the video:

The Priestesses of the Light is about coming together as a Soul group…

So that you can create rapid shifts of consciousness and EMBODY the light.

When we come together as a Soul group of women to heal, awaken and empower your Soul’s journey, there is a magic that happens, an incredible shift of consciousness when we can come into oneness and connect to the Divine together.

Awaken your Spiritual Gifts & Activate your Priestess Powers

What others are saying…

The Temple healing event was honestly the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. Not only did you validate all of the things my inner essence was whispering out to me, but you allowed me to listen to those messages and gave me the courage to allow myself to my truth speak full volume. I wish I could thank you as many stars there are in the sky, I haven’t felt this light, powerful, & connected in years and years and years. SO much love and light to you, healer.

Thank you for the temple event I didn’t know i was going to come out of this feeling so much better! I feel so nourished by your energy and relieved to have had this experience, thank you!”

Biggest appreciation, this was very empowering thank you so much!

I feel so liberated! thank you Melissa!! You expressed so much knowledge and wisdom that i needed to hear to help me feel better about my path. I’m so grateful

What you will learn:

How to Manifest your Spiritual/Soul Gifts

 You will receive monthly support inside the temple through Soul guidance, Energy Healing and Teachings supporting you to heal your fears, blocks and limitations and awaken your Soul and spiritual gifts with divine power!

Your Soul’s path and How to Master It

You will learn wisdom and mastery teachings on how to heal your emotions, how to support yourself through times of challenge, how to overcome stuckness, how to be your most empowered and confident self and more so that you ca master your Soul’s path and manifest your Soul-aligned life.

Trainings & Content Instantly Available

✓ Abundance & Manifestation Practices Training

✓ Abundance & Manifestation Printable Cheques

✓ Womb Healing, Meditation & Basic Womb Practices Workshop

✓ Womb Healing with Crystals Workshop

✓ 2019 Intention Setting & Manifestation Workshop

✓ How to make an Aromatherapy Oil Blend

✓ How to make an Aromatherapy Spray

✓ Aromatherapy Charts, Guidebooks & Recipes

✓ How to create Crystal Grids for love, abundance and more.

✓ Crystal Grid Printable Templates

✓ ALL previous Temple Events & Soul Activations

✓ 14 x Audio Meditations including Heart Activation Meditation, Abundance Meditation, Divine Goddess Meditations & More

✓ 16 x E-Books on Crystals, Aromatherapy, Chakras, Soul Healing & More.

✓ 32 x Soul Wisdom Audio including How to Increase your Self-worth, the EXACT Manifestation Process, How to do Cord Cutting, How to Deal with External Triggers & Challenges & More. 

Work with me to heal and accelerate your Soul’s journey to the next level

Melissa Habibi - Soul Healer, Spiritual & Life Coach (Child of Gaia)

Work with me to heal and accelerate your Soul’s journey to the next level

Hi I’m Melissa, Soul Healer & Spiritual Business Coach and I’m here to support you to awaken your Soul’s purpose and embrace and manifest your most Divine & abundant self in this world.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for over 10 years now and after training in many healing modalities and working with clients from all over the globe I have created my signature Soul Formula process and 1-1 Soul Programmes to support you to BLAST through your fears, blocks and limitations and ACCELERATE your Soul’s journey so that you can MANIFEST your Destiny and live a successful Soul-fulfilled life with freedom, joy, wisdom and Divine light.

I work in complete harmony to your unique Soul’s journey and give you whatever your Soul needs in the moment to create rapid results in awakening and manifesting your Soul’s Divine Destiny.

What others are saying…

Ready to join the Sacred Temple and create rapid healing, awakening and transformation in your life?

Awaken your Inner Goddess & Divine Feminine

Next event:

Crystal Activation Workshop

20th February 2019
10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT
(If you can’t join live, replay is provided)
Bookings close 19th February
(limited spots open)

Join us in the Crystal Activation Workshop where you will learn how to create simple and powerful Crystal Grids to heal your chakra’s and balance your aura and energy field. 

You will learn 7 different crystal activation techniques to heal your body and Soul using Crystals and Ancient Symbols. 

You will also be taught how to work with powerful templates to enhance your crystal grids including the Seed of Life, Flower of Life & Metatron’s Cube (printable templates are provided).

✨You will learn:

→ How to create a Seed of Life Crystal Grid to raise your vibration

→ How to heal and balance your Chakra’s (using crystals & symbols)

→ How to create a Flower of Life Crystal Grid (powerful!) for a full holistic healing of your body and consciousness

→ How to heal and balance your Aura & Energy Field (using crystals & symbols)

→ How to activate your Crystal Grids

→ How to weave power, light and high vibrations into your home and space

→ How to use Metatron’s Cube to activate your Lightbody and awaken your Merkabah for enlightenment and ascension

✨You will experience:

✓ High Vibrational Crystal Energies

✓ The activation of your Crystal power!

✓ Work with Light, Energy and Vibration to transform your life, space and consciousness

✨You will need:

→ 1 x Clear Quartz Crystal

→ 7 x Tumblestones (Chakra colours preferred)

→ 1 x Crystal Point (optional)

→ 1 x Crystal Wand (optional)

✨This event takes place within the Priestesses of the Light™ Temple Membership.✨

(Live attendance is not compulsory, all replay recordings are uploaded into the Members Area.)



Priestesses of the Light™ Membership

Become an EMPOWERED Priestess & Live your Soul-Aligned Life