Goddess Ritual to Align your Energy with the Universe

Goddess Ritual to align your energy with the Universe

This is a ritual you can use to expand your energy and align with the Universe. It supports to bring your energy into oneness, higher consciousness and cosmic unity.

If you use this ritual on a New Moon, Full Moon or Eclipse it will be the most powerful and effective.

The Black candle supports you to release fears, emotions, limitations and old energies that no longer serve you. The White candle supports you to connect to Divine Light, uplift your Soul vibration, access your Higher Self, expand your energy into unity consciousness and become one with the Universe.

You will need:

Black Candle
White Candle
Any Black Crystal/Gemstone (optional)
Clear Quartz Crystal/Gemstone (optional)
Paper & Pen

1. On your altar set up a Black candle to the left with a black crystal/gemstone in front (optional) and White candle to the right with Clear Quartz crystal/gemstone in front (optional).

2. Light your black candle and write on a piece of paper:

‘I am ready to let go to create complete change and transformation in my life.’

I now surrender my ego’s needs to the Divine.

I now surrender all material attachments to the Divine.

I now surrender all fears, worries and concerns regarding my past, present and future to the Divine’.

3. Now read this out loud, as many times as you feel whilst connecting with the Black candle.

4. Place the piece of paper under the Black candle.

5. Spend 5-10 minutes in meditation and feel yourself surrendering and letting go. Allow yourself to feel the Black candle transmuting and purifying all old emotions, fears and energies out of your body and consciousness.

6. Allow any emotional purification to come up for you now, as you assist your emotions to release by acknowledging them, feeling them and releasing them to the light.

7. Now light some sage or incense to cleanse and purify your aura and space.

8. Now light the White candle and write on a piece of paper:

‘I am now connected to Divine Light’.

‘I now align to my Higher Self and the Universe’.

‘I now allow myself to receive high vibrational light into my body and consciousness’.

‘I now allow myself to receive cosmic elements, frequencies and star energies through into my Divine being’.

‘I now expand and become one with the Universe.

‘I am one with all beings from all planets, worlds and star systems. I am the light.’

9. Now read this out loud, in between each spoken sentence ensure that you pause and feel the energy.

10. Place the piece of paper under the White candle.

11. Now sit and gently stare at both Black and White candles The Black candle purifying releasing and letting go of all old energies that no longer serve you, letting go, surrendering, clearing, removing what you no longer need, making way for the new. And the White candle creating upliftment, expansion, awakening to the new, high vibrational light, new path, new ideas, new opportunities, expansion of your consciousness, oneness and aligning the entire universe.

12. Sit or lie down for as long as you need, feeling both the candles working energetically.

**OPTIONAL – Lay down on the floor and place the Black candle (with paper and crystal) below your feet and the White candle (with paper and crystal) above your head. Relax and allow both to burn as you lay down. Feel the Black candle clearing and purifying your Earth Star Chakra and the White candle clearing and purifying your Crown Chakra. Stay in this position for as long as you need.

** For Safety – Ensure the candles are on a small ceramic plate to prevent accidents/wax spillage.

13. Burn some sage or incense as and when you need.

14. After some time you will feel the energies to come into a state of completion. When you are done, give thanks to the God, Goddess, Guides, Angels and Universe.

15. Then say:

‘This ritual is now complete, thank you Universe for your assistance’

16. Blow out the Black candle – then breathe and let go

17. Blow out the White candle – then breathe and let go

18. The ritual is now complete.

Use this ritual as often as you need to support the letting go of the old and making the way for the new. It supports to align you to your highest path and raise your vibration into the Light.

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Enjoy with blessings! 🌙


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