How to know if you are a Healer and the next steps you can take

How to know if you are a Healer and the next steps you can take

If you are a Sensitive Soul, Empath, Spiritual Seeker or Intuitive, it is likely that you are also a gifted Healer!

The journey of exploring your Spiritual self and utilising your gifts is a powerful, transformational and empowering journey supporting you to manifest passion, harmony, abundance and Divine purpose in your life.

In this video training I talk about the journey of becoming a Healer, from taking your first course/workshop to creating a successful Spiritual Business.

I talk about the challenges and obstacles you may face on your journey, such as feeling blocked around manifestation or abundance, sub-conscious fears that prevent you from fully manifesting your desires and understanding your Spiritual gifts and how to use them.

Watch the video now to learn more:

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Enjoy with blessings! 🌙


Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi

Soul Healer, Spiritual & Life Coach

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Free Awaken your Soul Online Training

Free Awaken your Soul Online Training (Child of Gaia)

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