Experience a 1-1 Soul Healing Session


Are you ready to start healing and awakening your Soul?

Experience the profound results of healing your Soul in a 1-1 Soul Healing Session where you will receive:

  • Personal Soul Energy Reading
  • Powerful Lightbody Soul Energy Healing
  • Clarity of your unique Soul’s Path
  • Activation of your Soul’s Divine Blueprint

A 1-1 Soul Healing Session: 

 HEALS you on a deep cellular level

 CREATES positive change and transformation in your life

 AWAKENS your Soul’s Journey of Abundance, manifestation, enlightenment and more!

Within a 1-1 Soul Healing Session you will receive Soul guidance completely custom to you, your unique journey and energy.

You will be supported to:

✔ Heal, balance and unblock your chakras, aura and energetic field

✔ Receive clarity and guidance on your Soul’s path

✔ Align to your Soul’s Divine Power

✔ Connect deeper to your Soul’s purpose and Destiny

You will receive a combination of powerful Lightbody Soul Energy Healing and Soul Coaching. This supports to ACCELERATE your Soul Mastery journey and create profound results QUICKLY!

A 1-1 Soul Healing Session is divinely aligned to your Soul’s unique path and supports:

  • Emotional Healing & Imbalances
  • Physical, Emotional & Mental Symptoms
  • Healing of Sensitivities
  • Energy Leakage and Karmic Relationships
  • Clearing & Cleansing of your Chakra’s, Aura and Energy Field
  • Energy Protection & Shielding
  • Releasing Blocks, Fears & Limitations
  • Opening your Heart & 3rd Eye
  • Embracing your Inner Power and Light
  • Attracting Heart-Based Relationships
  • Rebirthing the Divine Feminine within you
  • Manifesting Joy, Abundance & Fulfillment
  • Activating your Soul’s Unique Path and Purpose
  • Awakening your Soul’s Destiny
  • Anchoring your Lightbody & Ascension process

You will supported to become Divinely aligned with your Soul, to clear through fears, blocks and limitations, receive clarity and guidance and raise your Soul Vibration into the Light.

A 1-1 Soul Healing session includes:

→ Soul Energy Reading

→ Powerful Lightbody Soul Energy Healing

→ Divine Guidance & Channellings

→ Emotional Transformative Therapy

What makes this healing session different?

The Lightbody Energy Healing you will receive in this session is POWERFUL as it filters through HIGH FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT into your body and consciousness.

This serves to BALANCE and STRENGTHEN the electromagnetic field around your body and therefore supports to rapidly accelerate your Soul Ascension and Lightbody journey!

What does this mean for you?

The healing results are FASTER!

After a session you will feel LIGHTER, more AWAKENED, more CONSCIOUS and more ALIGNED to your Soul.

Difference between Lightbody Soul Energy Healing & Reiki:

Lightbody Soul Energy HealingREIKI
A highly protective form of Energy HealingEnergies may be dispersed and not fully protected
Channels High Frequency Light and Energy into your body and consciousness (7th Dimensional)Does not resonate at a 7th Dimensional Level
Accelerates your Soul's journey and creates fast & transformational resultsCreates slow results
Supports shielding and strengthening of your Energy Field instantlyDoes not heal the Electromagnetic Field of the body and therefore does not fully support energy shielding and strengthening
Powerfully clears your energetic blocks and aligns you to your Soul's Divine powerDoes not rapidly clear your energetic blocks and align you to your Divine power
Incorporates ALL healing energies under one umbrella such as; Crystal Energies, Chakra Healing, Cosmic Energies, Electromagnetic Healing, Shamanic Healing, Elemental Healing & more.Incorporates only one chosen form of healing or energy

What others are saying about Soul Healing work...

Work with me to heal and accelerate your Soul’s journey to the next level

Melissa Habibi - Soul Healer, Spiritual & Life Coach (Child of Gaia)

Work with me to heal and accelerate your Soul’s journey to the next level

Hi I’m Melissa, Soul Healer, Spiritual and Life Coach and I’m here to support you to awaken your Soul’s purpose and embrace and manifest your most Divine & abundant self in this world.

I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for over 10 years now and after training in many healing modalities and working with clients from all over the globe I have created my signature Soul Formula process and 1-1 Soul Programmes to support you to BLAST through your fears, blocks and limitations and ACCELERATE your Soul’s journey so that you can MANIFEST your Destiny and live a successful Soul-fulfilled life with freedom, joy, wisdom and Divine light.

I work in complete harmony to your unique Soul’s journey and give you whatever your Soul needs in the moment to create rapid results in awakening and manifesting your Soul’s Divine Destiny.

1-1 Soul Healing Session – is this for you?

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Ready to blast through your blocks and create joy, freedom and success in your life?

1-1 Soul Healing TASTER Session (45 Minutes)

£55 / $70 USD

(Includes Mini Soul Reading & Energy Healing only)

Once payment is complete you will have access to a scheduling calendar to book your 1-1 session. 

Session takes place via Video Call – Skype/Facetime/Zoom

1-1 Soul Healing Session (Full 90 Minutes)

£105 / $135 USD

(includes Full Soul Energy Reading, Full Energy Healing, Full Feedback & Guidance and 15 min Follow Up Call**)

**15 Min Follow up Call included for new clients only

Once payment is complete you will have access to a scheduling calendar to book your 1-1 session. 

Session takes place via Video Call – Skype/Facetime/Zoom

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